Thursday, September 28, 2006

How is that Again???

Avista is my electric/gas company.
And they sent in with their bill this
month, a yellow piece of paper.

Now, I know I am up in years, and it
maybe hard to follow spins. But
I surely feel like the pea and nutshell
effect here, in reading this paper.

I guess I should have read the bold
print at the top of the paper and let
it go at that. Because that really is
the bottom line.

"Filing will result in 0.7.% increase
for residential customers and" etc.
What I put in bold is the bottom line.

But wait, if you read the fine print below,
it tells about a sale of Centralia Power Plant,
in the year 2000. And how there has been a
rate credit in place since August of 2000. And
the proceeds will be fully refunded to customers
by Nov. 1, 2006.

You mean my bill has been cheaper for the past
6 years? News to me. How much cheaper..2 cents?
So if I understand all this pea and nutshell business,
they are trying to tell me that all of us customers,
have been getting a cheaper bill for the past 6 years.
And now our free ride is over as the discount has run
out, and we are having our bill raised up 0.70%!!

I am sooooo confused. I understand the words. I
understand the principal. But I don't remember a
rate decrease. Or do they mean they would have
raised it more, had there not been this credit? After
all, I think I remember a raise in rates within this 6

And this is with them telling us for these 6 years,
to turn down your heat, be more efficient with your
gas and electric. Trade off those expensive appliances,
to make your bill cheaper. Save, save, save... for what?

We all read in the papers about the CEO getting
raises. Not the peon people type raises, but huge
raises. Heck, their bonus are more than the average
person gets a year. Way more. Not to count the
shares. And then there is the big amount of money
they give to candidate's each election. Seems the
paying out goes to everyone, BUT the customer.

And I am sure those 1700 who did without electric
last week for several days, are really love this notice.

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amyrebba said...

I hear you. My bill is prorated so I don't have those monster bills at Christmas. Yet EVERY YEAR mine has gone up. We have been in this house for almost 5 years in Novemeber. my monthly bill has gone from $75 to $154 a month. Granted we've gone from 1 to 3 children in that time, but still we don't use that much more. I'ts not like the kids have their own TV in their rooms. Maybe a few more loads of laundry, and the hot water heater is gas not electric, so baths don't mater. You tell me how my bill has doubled in 5 years!