Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen...Start Your Engines

Ladies and Gentlemen???
Start your engines, because
we start with the heavy elections
coming your way.

Today, we have the
school levy up here in Bonner

But we also have the fall elections.
Which is starting to rev up the engines
of politics.

Democrats pounding their drums.
Come one, come all, let's beat the
war drums down. No more Iraq,
bring our troops home. Get rid
of the Republican warmongers.Our economy is in the toilet.

Republicans shouting to the high
lands, the Democrats don't know
what they are talking about. We have
to maintain the stead line. Don't let
the Democrats take you down the line
with lies and false ideas. Our ecomony
is doing great.

Come vote for us, we are the best,
says all the parties. Be it local, or
be it state or be it national. The
elections are heating up. The serious
election signs are coming up in droves.

My advice???...look ..listen.. and for
God sakes... vote. Vote with your mind
and your heart. I don't care who you
vote for.......But VOTE!!

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