Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Surround Sound

One of my frustrations is hearing.
I seem to have volume, but not
clarity. At least that is what I
feel anyway.

The King's has been going for
quite some time. But he has
a good excuse. He works with
engines. Big engines. Mostly

I don't have that excuse. And there
are some my age who are getting
hard of hearing. And my kids accused
me of having selective hearing. At which
I smile, because I know that to be true.
Most mothers do. Your brain separates
the sound of children fighting from the
sound of the child being seriously hurt.

And the sharp sound of MOM, will bring
most mothers out of it. We get so intune
with it, that we, as elders, can still be
brought to attention by it in a store, by
a child's voice.

Just like your right arm comes up like a
bus signal arm, in front of the person next to
you, (even though they are not a child) when
you throw on the brakes in an emergency.

Because of our hearing is getting worse,
we opted for surround sound. Giving us a
speaker on the table beside us.

Now most get it for the effect. But to be honest
with you, we now can hear better, and people
coming into our house, won't winch at the
loudness of our TV.

Only down side we have found is, of course
the ads, which I swear is at least 24% higher
than the shows.

I know, I know... they told us we would go
deaf by 50, because of us listening to that
rock and roll music.

To quote Sally Fields....
"They love me, they really do love me..".
THANKS, to you all who commented.

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Dogwalkmusings said...

I guess going deaf by 50 after listening to too much rock and roll is better than getting brain cancer by 25 from having a cell phone plastered to your ear 24/7!