Monday, September 25, 2006


There has been the subject of having
English for the American language.
Which in a way,is kind of oxymoron.
As we speak American not English.
And a good share of it is slang American.

Coming from a state that had several mix
languages and people, who came here to
the good old USA and went to school with
out interpreters. The adults went to night
school and learn the language. Kids learn
in school.

Over those years I never notice anyone have
great difficulties after they learn. They took the
time to learn. I give them a lot of credit for going
to classes to learn. Instead of demanding their
new homeland to bend to them.

While new residents of Italian and French were there,
the biggest percentage was Portuguese. Half
of my Portuguese friend's grandparents use both
languages heavily. I never heard any of them
complaining, about how they thought it should be
the companies, signs and etc. print everything in
their languages as well as English.

Now days, there is Spanish, German, French
taught in schools. There will have to be more
as time goes on. Vietnamese, Japanese (which
surprises me that we don't have, with the heavy
trade we do with Japan), Korean and etc.

I was talking to a friend and she said something
that makes sense to me. Why not teach sign
language in all schools. Starting at the 3rd grade.
Reinforced again in high school.

What a great idea. It is an Universal language.
If you can do sign language, you can talk to
anyone... anywhere. And then the plus, of course,
is that you could also talk to the deaf. And
the deaf could have everyone talking to them.

Just a thought.

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