Monday, January 08, 2007

Affordable? In whose eyes?

Affordable? In whose eyes?

I see affordable homes.
Affordable vehicles...
Affordable products.
Affordable colleges??

By whose standards?
I don't think the person
who is making $5.50 is
going to afford a home
that is "affordable" by
advertisement standards
of $220,000.

They say that middle class wages
are at $125,000, that is a hoot.

Being I never earned more that
$20,000 in the 17 years of work
at the last place I worked at. And
that was only in the last 2 years.
All the other years were way lower.
I am classified as poorer than dirt, I


God's Helper said...
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God's Helper said...

Reality is really the pits!! The only time I earned over $20,000 a year was at Big B. I am still suffering from that experience. Guess I am poorer than dirt too.

Anonymous said...

Poorer than dirt? But rich in spirit, friends, respect, wisdom and life. Money won't but that.