Friday, January 19, 2007


Life is a Wonderment

You know the routine. If you have
flown anywhere in the past 6 years,
and several times.. you know what
to do.

First as you head to the security
gate, you have to show your ticket
to some one of authority. Proving
that you have the right to go thru
the security gates.

Second, put your coat in the container,
then take off your shoes, put them
in there too. If you have a purse, it
goes in there to. You are down to just
your underwear, shirt and pants, and socks
and ticket.

Next you put your change and wallet in
the round container. Send it all thru the
X-ray machine as you are going thru
the metal detector. Hoping you and
your containers arrive at the end of the
conveyor belt at the same time. And if
you set off a alarm on the metal detector,
then the magic wand is run all over your

And that is way before you even
get to the area where the boarding
gate is. Then to get on the plane,
you give your ticket to the airline
employee.. who runs it thru the
bar on the machine, before you go
on the plane. This is all thanks to the
Homeland Security System. The
system that is to protect us. We
have even had people have to deplane,
because someone has run thru
the security area without being check.
Spending another hour having everyone
go thru again.

was able to go thru all of this WITHOUT
a ticket, without an adult. Tells them he
is 12 years old, and they believe him.
There is no adult in sight to hand him
over to the airlines. He goes thru security
like hair thru a fine tooth comb.....and get
this Ladies and Gentlemen....NO ONE...
NOT ONE PERSON...questions this kid.
He just tells them, he was the one with the
ticket they just announced. Excuse me, but
the rest of us have a paper ticket of some kind.
The child DOESN'T have a TICKET

He not only made it thru the Spokane
International Airport, but he also success
in getting thru an Arizona airport. Again
with out ticket... and makes it to San
Antonia, Texas. Before some one FINALLY
question this kid's lack of ticket, lack of
an adult.

Now, I don't know about you....but I don't know
if I should be laughing my head off at our taxes
and Homeland Security being blown... ... or should
I be scared?

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Anonymous said...

Disgusted is my word. This administration's dictated actions raise paranoia to the level of the absurd yet they couldn't punch their way out of a paper bag.