Wednesday, January 24, 2007

New Television Program

I have got it... an great idea of
a show on television. It would
combine the best of two boring
shows. Or exciting depending on
how you look at them.

It would be showed for 6 months, every
4 years. It would be a combo of
the Presidential debates between
all of the people who throw their
hats in to the ring to be president.
And the American Idol show.

All the parties would put their
people who throw in their name to
be President. Then we would have
them do try outs. We would have
judges like Molly Ivins and Rush Limbaugh
and a guest judge. They would
run them thru each week. Then we would
vote on them by text message and online.
Until they get down to just 2 on each party.

And those are the ones we vote for. None of
this boring stuff... Oh, sure ..go ahead and
criticize my got a better idea??

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh, Cis! This has to be a part of the Cafeteria Party Creed! Love it!