Wednesday, January 17, 2007

One of my Pet Peeves

I am a champion of education. I
don't care how old you are... if you
can further yourself with more classes,
go for it.

But I got to tell you, listening to my
daughter explain about her new class
has surely got me shaking my head.

You see I have a button that says:
"If you think education is expensive,
Try Ignorance"

Well, I am here to tell you, education
is damn well expensive. My daughter
is taking a class to do with Excel.
Cost of class? $385.
Cost of books for class? $185.
That is dang near $600, and that is
just so far. And this is an online
class. What in heavens name
cost so much?

This is no teacher coming out in
the winter weather to teach the
class after hours. This is no teacher
to answer quick questions. This is
no heat for the building that the class is in.

It is just a teacher who post the
lessons for all. Answer questions
when ever they look at the questions.
Sends out the questionaire, and gets
the answers back.

I could live with the $185 for the
books, but almost $400 for a class?

And people get upset with me when I
say we need more AFFORDABLE
(there goes that word again) price
education. Let's not get excited about
swimming pools, and videos and etc.
for clubs. Let's get education clubs.

Because these prices are surely for
the rich. And this is for ONE CLASS.
God help the ones who take 3 or 4.


Anonymous said...

I'm in the education business. I have to wonder about a lot of these online and television courses. I sometimes think I smell a skunk in the woodpile.
They make money. I don't know if they are sound educationally. I don't teach these online courses. I could. But, teaching them would deprive me of the pleasure of my students' company and that's about 95 per cent of why I do this work!

Word Tosser said...

This class is thru NIC... and it is online for the people who work and can't come to their day class in Sandpoint. They go to the class room for orientation, and meet with their teacher. There after it is online.

God's Helper said...

Being in the education business, I feel very lucky indeed. I can take technology classes and others for free. I have taken several. I plan on taking more when the weather allows.