Tuesday, January 23, 2007


State of the Union is the name
of the speech. Every year the
President gives a speech, which
sounds like... blah blah blah blah,
to most of us. And then we get a
half hour after of telling us what
the President said. The news people
and the opposite party gives us their
version of it.

The speech is given to tell us what
the President is proud to have done
so far, and what he proposes to do
in the following year. The things he is
proud to have done is punctuated with
people in the audience who have some
thing to do with what he has done. And
of course, the usual applause. Which I
always wondered, do they have an applause
sign like the actors have?

The proposals of what is to come, seems
like it rarely does get done. It all sounds
good, kind of like political races every 4
years. Promises that end up broken.

But this year... State of the Union.
What is the state of our Union??
As we read daily about our troops
dying. As each one gets a little
closer to home. This week, having
one from Spokane and one from
Post Falls.. it is hard to listen to
the President brag about the good
he has done. It will be hard to listen
to him tell us why he feels like sending
21,000 more men and women over there.

This is not a war, this is a policing situation.
We rarely win a policing situation.
War is where we go over, and do hand to
hand combat, we bomb towns, until the
enemy gives up. We have been in wars
where the enemy value life. This is not
a nation that value life...only afterlife.

When explaining how this policing is
done to friends and family, I refer it to
being like sending you into a crowd of
tens of thousands, with camouflage clothing
on, with your gun, and figuring how
who is the terrorist. But only
1/10 is terrorist. And they are
dressed just like everyone else

So let us all hope that the powers that
be, can come up with a solution that
will protect our troops, and bring them home.

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God's Helper said...

I see you enjoyed it as much as we did. Our Union is in a sad State of Affairs. Pray for the Troops.