Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Life is rarely fair

Update.... the site I had listed has been removed.. so went to get it, and all I could get was the comment on it...which gives the idea anyway.
That $155 million house
By IR Staff - 01/30/07
Back another lifetime ago, when Valley Girl speak was way cool, the response to the $155 million house being built at the exclusive Yellowstone Club would have been automatic: “Gag me with a spoon.”Pure silver, of course.The 10-bedroom house, said by Forbes Magazine to be the most expensive home publicized on the market in the world, is being constructed by billionaire developer Tim Blixseth. It will be 53,000 square feet with a heated driveway, wine cellar, indoor/outdoor pool, and a ski lift that can be boarded inside the house.A common complaint about American society in recent years has been the ever-growing disparity between the very rich and the rest of us. If that is “class warfare,” well, guess who is winning.“You can’t believe the number of people interested in this thing,” Blixseth said. “And the guys who are calling aren’t going to have to borrow any money.”Blixseth is calling his spec project on a secluded and scenic site between Pioneer Mountain and Lone Peak near the Lee Metcalf Wilderness Area “The Pinnacle.” A well-chosen name, don’t you think?

At this site you can go see a house
that is for sale for 155 MILLION DOLLARS!

It has a heated pool, heated driveway and
you can even be lifted from your home to
the slopes to go skiing. It has 10 bedrooms.
If you go to the site you can read all about
it. And it isn't in Palm Beach or Palm Springs.
It is in Bozeman, Montana.
It is even more expensive than Donald Trump's
home that he has for sale in Florida.

I am sure those who look ..wonder what
wages can you make to be able to afford
this. The builder says he has inquiries that
don't have to have payments.

I think first of all, I wouldn't want to have
to clean that house. But if I could afford
155 MILLION DOLLARS. I could afford
a maid.

But even more, it makes my heart ache.
I think of the families who are homeless.
Families with children. Families who work,
but the wages are too low for rent.
I think of the gluttony of having a 155 MILLION
DOLLAR home. One home. For one family.
When that money would buy 1550 families or
more, each a home. That is more families than some
towns have people.

I know the old saying of the Rich get Richer
and the Poor get Poorer. But this shows it
is reality. Sad, very sad...

It does one's heart good to read about
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Gates, they put their
money where their mouth is. God bless
them and all those they help. At least
there are some who will step up to the

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