Wednesday, January 10, 2007

You be the Judge..What is the Answer?

I would say I am ticked to the max.
But how can you be ticked at the

I couldn't post my blog early last
night. (I like to, as they do their
repair work or it is down usually in
the mornings).

But even more than that, I missed
my show...Boston Legal last night.
We had the power go out 3 times.
The last time was 9:30 p.m. and it
was out until 2 something a.m.

I especially wanted to see Boston
Legal as it had to do with a subject
of great interest to me.

3 of the lawyers were going to New
Orleans to defend, I believe, a doctor.
It could have been a nurse. But why
they were was based on a true story.

During the hurricane, there were some
elderly who were left behind. There were
caretakers left with them. I thought they
were nurses aides. But the program had,
like I said..a doctor or nurse. Who was
charged with murder.

This person, as in real life, (the promo said)
had to makea decision. The water was
rising in the nursing home. The elderly were
mostly in their 90's. As the water rise to 3 feet,
the person in the program, help the elderly
die in bed, rather than leave them to drown.
I don't know if it was by shot or what.

The dilemma is .....You are in your 40's. You
have family at home. People who depend on

Do you leave when the water is 3 or 4 feet
Do you stay with the elderly and drown with
them, so they won't be alone?
Do you, if you have it in your power, give them
a shot that you know will let them die in
minutes. Staying with them until they die,
and then leave.

You know there is no hope for these
people. No one can come get them.
You hope you can swim to safety
after you leave the building.

I don't know what I would have done.
As a nurses aide for years, you love
your residents. I would not have the
decision to help them die with meds.
Aides in nursing homes don't give meds.
Do I leave the elderly who are close
to death anyway, and save myself?

In all honesty, I don't know. If it had
been one or two, many I would have
floated them outside and hope some
one comes in a boat. But in the real
story, that wasn't an option, as there
were many. No one wants to play God.
I would be the last one to judge the aide
that left.

What do you do? And what will the
law do to you, if you leave?


stebbijo said...

When I was in Oklahoma we had a code black - a tornado coming right at the hospital. No one was allowed to leave. My husband was a volunteer storm chaser. I knew if he showed up - I was leaving. Not sticking around to see a tornado hit the hospital. Since he was trained - we walked right past the guards. Good bye.

If you leave and you are the last one and you are liscensed - it's against the nurse practice act. It does not apply to those who are not. Some (bully)nurses like to scare the aides into issues of abandonment and it's just not so.

If/when my life is truely in danger I think I would be looking at a different career if the medical industry would hold me accountable for saving myself.

A few prayers and then I would be swimming off to safety. It would be an easy decison for me.

Anonymous said...

As a nurse we are supose to stay or come in if we're not working(humm) but I know those with young children would be the first to hit the door. (And I work ICU !)You can't rely on the Red Cross or the Gov as we all know after Katrina. What a horrible situation to be in. I hope someone I know taped that show, now you've got me curious!