Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Wages and the Economy

I read the paper to day with some
interest and not being able to

You see they said it was a slow
news day, so Judge Roberts was
made a proposal of a raise for
Federal judges.

As it went along it told about
how Congressmen voted them
selves a $3,000 + raise from
last year and the Judge thinks
the judges should have a raise

When talking about the minimum
wage, most of the congressmen
say that it is a bad idea. Because
it could effect the economy. That
some business wouldn't be able
to afford the minimum wage if it
went up to say $7.50 like a lot
of states already have it.

They say it would also raise the
prices of products and services.
All of this does seem reasonable.

But what I don't understand is how
it hasn't effected the State of
Washington and Oregon and
other states who already have
the $7.00+ wage for minimum in
their states. They seem to have
people still buying the product
at a reasonable price. But cause
ours in the state of Idaho is NOT
cheaper because of our $5.50
wage for minimum.

But even more to my puzzlement is
the fact, that raising the judges,
and Congressmen wages by $3,000
a year does not effect the economy?

Why is it when the common man
gets a raise where it is sorely needed,
it has great effect? Especially when
the common man gets the smallest of

Guess someone smarter than I, will
have to explain it to me. And it will
have to be in common sense language,
not the razzle dazzle language.


stebbijo said...

Were those raises in Idaho for the 'big wigs?'

Even Montana raised their minimum wage. Idaho is just cruel.

Anonymous said...

Did you read in the Bee that the county wages increased...now we're just above poverty level...whoohoo!