Thursday, January 04, 2007

Preview of Retirement Husband

Having the King home for 4 days
was kind of a preview of what his
retirement is going to be like.

He washed the dishes, and
he did a lot of the cooking.
But he also vegged out. With
the weather like it was, I can't
blame him. So it was old movies,
playing with the puppy, and
tinkering here and there in
our Some Day Soon Room.

I look forward to when he puts
his time in.. see I have at least
a years worth of 'HONEY-DO's
for him to do.

Among them is the 47 Ford.
He has told me in the past,
that he would do it in the winter.
It is winter project because you
can't do anything outside. And
he has a great heater in there.
But winter comes and goes..

Then it is a summer project.
We can have the doors open for
fresh air and the days are longer..
But summer comes and goes...
And so has 5 years....

And I want to tear the kitchen apart.
Every time I go past the wall that
I want to cut in half, the temptation
is calling me...

Oh, yea, I can keep him busy for
at least a year. And all I have
to do is tear apart the wall and
he will have to fix it. See, I am
great at tearing apart things. But
I just don't know how to fix it back.
See the post about our front porch
in 2005.

Geesh, he hates that.


God's Helper said...

Gee, that sounds like a very dependent, independent woman to me!!! Remember???

You can also get you King involved with the building anf grounds committee at church, or the food bank. these things keep my hubby very occupied. :)

Phil said...

Happy New Year from another Idaho blogger!

Just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed your posts over the past year. Looking forward to more great blogging in 2007!

Anonymous said...

Oh my ! Our hubby's sound more and more alike. I've got a 1947 Dodge, but it could be a Chrysler(out of sight out of mind), that was to be worked on this winter.