Thursday, January 11, 2007

Hodge Podge of Life

Judges wages in Idaho $110,500
Who has to make decisions, some
times life and death ones. Who tries
to have justice for all...

A quitting CEO in a big box
company gets a 220 million dollar
good bye package ? Even though
the company has had money problems.
Where is the justice of that?

And police officer gets reinstated
even though, he exposed himself to
a coffee hut clerk? So morals is not
a requirement for that job, I guess...

I went to get gas Tuesday night.
I went to start my vehicle after
I had filled it with gas. Which, by
the way, had dropped 11 cents.
The vehicle would not start. Not
a big problem, after all I am only
mile and half away from home.

Searched my pockets, no cell
phone. Not in the vehicle either.
Left it on the table. So grabbed
a quarter and a dime and went to
use the pay phone at the gas station.
Now when I use a pay phone last,
which is quite a while. It was a
quarter. So figured it might have
gone up a little. A LITTLE!! It was
50 cents!!! 50cents to call a mile
and half away. An no, the gas
station will not let you use their
phone. (make self...

Pay phones were a dime
when I was a teen. That is
why we wore a dime in our
loafers. It was called our
mad money. If we got mad
at our boyfriend, we could
call a friend or parents and
have them come get us.

The King came down and got
the vehicle going. It was a loose
cable. But I am too short to open
the hood, and way to short to lift
it up.

50 cents for a phone call. Ridiculous.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Mr. BigBox (Home Depot)got what a whoppin 210K severence pay- boo-hoo. I don't know how he can live on that. Never mind some employees at HD make less than $6.00/hr. What's wrong with our morals...where do I begin.

I added a link from CNN to my last blog re; Americans earning less than 85K can't afford a median-priced home!

Ron said...

You were lucky there was a pay phone to use. My recent attempt to use one failed miserably because they have been replaced, by the cell phone. It used to be you only expected the phone book to be missing. Thanks Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Ron makes a good point. Pay phones will soon be things of the past.