Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Are you bull headed?

Do you do things knowing full well
that you should get help? Or do things
even though things can happen?

Example, I decided New Years Day
to take down the string of Christmas
cards that we received this year. The
King was fixing dinner.

I got the short ladder out and started to
remove the tacks that I had that held
the ribbon to the wall. Of which the cards
were attached. As I did one side, I swung
the ribbon over the picture that was below.
Then I went to the other side. Doing the same.

Except...when I swung the ribbon, CRASH!!.
down went my very tall vase, broke in 20 or
so pieces.... clear marbles all over the place.
Broken glass... Of which the King said... you
know ... if you had waited just a little bit
or if you had asked .. I would have
helped you.

I don't know why I am so bullheaded but
I do it all the time.. and 60% of the time
it turns out like this... and you would think
I would know better.

How bull headed are you?


Betty said...

Oh, I'm every bit as bull-headed as you. Always have been, and I suspect I'm too old to change now. I always have to do things the hard way, too.

MarmiteToasty said...

My maties call me stubborn but I like to think it as independance LOL