Friday, January 11, 2008

Walking with Diabetes

Several years ago, the King was
told he had diabetes. What the common
person calls border line diabetes. But
diabetes is like being pregnant. You can't
be just a little bit pregnant. You, either are
or not.

But his has been controlled by diet and
exercise. And a half pill. And he has done
well for all these years. But retirement has
brought the ugly head of the disease back
up to full surface.

During the summer he was doing well.
Even with his knee knocking him out of
service of things, he kept active enough
to keep it at bay. And in the summer,
he is busy enough, that food was not high
priority. When it is hot, the two of us eat

Come winter, retirement, and holiday
food, and he was back in trouble again.
So it is back to what he knows has to
be done. No carbs, no pasta, potatoes,
rice and all the things he likes.

It is back to the salads, and watching
calories as well carbs. AND exercise,
which was his biggest downfall. As in
the winter he likes to watch TV and thinks
that walking behind the snowblower is
enough exercise.

So it is back to walking ....walking
with diabetes. And hopefully getting
the numbers back to the normal range.
And try to get 100 pounds off.


Dogwalkmusings said...

Let us know how it is living with "Grumpy"! Lol. Good luck to the King.

PinkAcorn said...

..diabetes. Both my folks have it. My Mom was on just oral meds but 3 years ago started injections ....she won't exercise or eat right... all my nursing advice (over and over and over)makes no difference. My Dad was diagnosed until he was 90 so hey, I guess he's allowed. Tell the King to "just do it" !

MarmiteToasty said...

Sending the King a HUGE bar of cabdurys chocolate LOL that will make him get off his arse and go exercise :) (((cis king)))...

I had that thingie when I was carrying 3 of me 4 sons, and had to be so careful, I was told to beware that as I get older then cos I had the pregancy dose then I will be prone to get it when I get older..... WTF is that all about....