Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Getting Interesting..

Now that we are having some of
the voting on these people who
have been debating, for what seems
like forever, it is getting interesting.

It is interesting how some vote,
how the polls are so wrong. Or
they changes peoples mind,
because no one wants to be told
how they are going to vote.

Like being told that Clinton is done
for. So they went out to show the
poll taking people, that the show is
far from over.

As we know, it isn't over until
the fat lady sings. And there is
not a fat lady in sight.

Only thing that worries me is
when people vote for reasons
other than the issues. To vote
for Clinton because she got
emotional is not good voting.

After all, when you are dealing
with the foreign state heads,
you can't let them see you
blink or sweat. So emotional
are to be left behind closed doors.
Be it men or women leaders.

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Anonymous said...

yup you're right.