Thursday, January 24, 2008

Well, it seem like a good idea at the time

Well, it seem like a good idea at the time.

Have you seen the ad for the shower cleaner?
On the ad, they show about 6 cleaning ladies
jump in the tub and clean the whole area.
With shower curtain, of course. Saying that
the cleaner is like 6 cleaning ladies.

While at the store, near where they were sold,
a man chimed in and said, "my wife loves those.
We have one and it does a terrific job." That is
all the King had to hear. As he has wanted one.

We brought it home, installed it in the shower.
We have one of those corner showers, with the
glass walls.It hangs from your shower head.
So the King takes a shower, steps out, pushes
the button and beep, beep, beep,beep, beep,
15 times.... and then swish .... swish back and
forth it goes about 3 times. I will admit it does
a dandy job... for about 4 feet of the shower in
the middle. The top of the walls get nothing. And
the bottom gets the middle's left over drain downs.

It does clean it... it does keep it from fogging up.
Although I like that. I think one needs 3 of them.
One for the top, one for the middle and one for the
bottom. Or at least top and middle.

We have found that we need to only do it once
a day, not after every shower, otherwise the bottle
empties out fast. It last about 2 weeks. I have tried
to use some other type of liquid. Mr. Clean, came
to mind. But it kind of drooled over the holder. And
after trying it about 3 times... it just left soap on the
walls. Not a good thing. You had to rinse each time.

So there I am in the shower, I decide to take the bottle
out and run water in it and clean it out and turn it on.
While in the shower..... like the title said.. it seem like
a good idea at the time.

I hit the button and turn the water into the holder at the
same time. Figuring it would get the soap out of the
nozzle. It seem like a good idea.... at the time......
Well, the nozzle started to spin, out came the combo
of soap and water.... and .............and.......... I am
just the right height, to get it in the face. Luckily I
had my mouth shut.

Here is my sign........

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Betty said...

Sounds just like something I would try. lol