Tuesday, January 08, 2008

So how is your exercise going?

The King bought this bike last summer at a huge yard sale. He promised
he would use it as it is not the first one we have ever had. It is nicer, but
not the first.
As you can see his promise isn't working. BUT in his defense I have to
tell you he is doing a lot better on the treadmill. See he found out he
had an old health problem come back on him. So changing his diet,
again, no sugar, no starch, and etc. And while he is keeping busy with
the snow blowing, it isn't enough. So we have him walking on the
treadmill and he has been doing pretty well with it. And it is showing
up on his weight and etc. He has a long way to go... but at least he has
started and been doing well with that and his change of foods.
So how is your exercise going this winter?


Phil said...

Exercise bikes make great clothes racks, don't they?!

We like our treadmill too, especially in the winter when so few people in our neighborhood shovel their sidewalks. Walking around here can be a precarious journey.

Dogwalkmusings said...

I think the only two areas of discipline I have are dog walks and my P.T. routine which includes a half hour on the treadmill! I hope saying this doesn't jinx it! Lol.

MarmiteToasty said...

Hey its great exercise having to walk to the bike and stack the ironing on top like that :) it takes a lot of muscle control, especially when something falls off and ya have to bend down to pick it up........ :)


Betty said...

Exercise? What exercise?

Big Piney Woods Cats said...

We have one like that. It is either up in the rafters of the garage, or possibly in the landfill.


PinkAcorn said...

Mine is still on the porch...now I'm feeling quite guilty...

Anonymous said...

we had one of those "clothes hangers" too, but it took up so much room that when we found out Larry wanted one, he got it fast. They use it too.( and not for clothes-ha)