Monday, January 07, 2008

The Californian

Are you a Californian
Or have you ever been a Californian...

(kind of sounds like the days of the 50's
and the McCarthy trials)

But seriously. California is like
a dirty word up here in Idaho.
Anything, and I do mean anything,
that goes wrong, it is blamed on
the Californians.

Too much traffic? California's.
Too high prices for house...California's
crime rises up, drugs on the rise?
High fluttening rich people? Gated communities?
Californian's, Californians' and of course

Too much change? Bigger police and fire
departments needed? Bigger library's?
tree huggers? No trespassing signs?
No hunting sign's? Woods are going down
and houses going up? Or RV parks going
up... Californian's... you know that is the

But is it really? I would be willing to bet,
if one had access to the Driver's license
Bureau and the Vehicle Registration
records, you would be surprise to learn
that it isn't quite as true as you think.
That California's, if they are in fact still the
biggest transplants, they are by a
small margin. Well, if not there, then
where are all these people coming from?

Pennsylvania, New York, Arizona, Nevada,
and Colorado are just some of the names of
states I have heard a lot about lately. Lots of
them. It would be interesting to have some
one from one of those departments to give us
a run down of where the transplants are actually
coming from. Even the California's are getting
sick of being condemn for those other people.

Oh, by the way, New Hampshire, has been
complaining about it for almost a century ....
about Bostonian's who have moved into their
areas, wanting bigger libraries, more police, and
fire departments, higher priced houses, newer bigger
stores... and they, too, put gates on their
places and large fences... don't know who they are
keeping out. But the New Hampshire's people
are glad to see them... hoping it keeps those
Bostonians locked up in those communities

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Anonymous said...

Of course, we have all evolved from that hated state. I was actually born there in 1947, and moved immediately to Hawaii, where I lived for at least the ten happiest years of my life. I did end up there in the 60's when I went off to Vietnam and eventually came back and had my children there. They were all born in Marin County, California, now one of the richest counties in the world. So, did I evolve from there, of course. Do I admit it, only in private. I guess because it's the largest state and everybody and their brother is now coming here, of course we Idahoans hate that. I have been here 20 years now, and consider myself a native, though never born or raised here. Damn Californians! The Stickman