Friday, January 25, 2008

Looking thru the Past

These last two or three days, I
have been going thru the past.

I bought a box each for my children...
and envelopes for relatives.
In these boxes will be, and I have
sorted 90% of the stuff already. ...
pictures and letters and cards that
they have sent over the years.

Some of these letters were written
while I had to go back East to take
care of my mother for 5 weeks. So
the kids were young. And they wrote.

Some are when they left home before
they met their spouses, and some
were with spouse #1 and now they are
with #2. And so there is a mixture.

I hope they will look thru these and
read the cards and letters. As it is
a journal of many parts about their
lives at the time. Some joys as their
children came along. Some sadness
when marriages didn't work out.

Pictures of 30 years or more of their lives.
Some of them now in their 40's and some
are in their 30's. Some of them are parents
to teens, and finding out life isn't quite as
simple as they thought it was from the
child's point of view, now that they are in
the parents seat. I smile...

I am doing this, so if I should go, I won't
leave a mess for the kids to go thru and
figure out what is who's. I think they will
be amazed that I have saved their stuff.
I gave them all some of the stuff I had years
ago,as they started to be parents. All the stuff
that was in my file cabinet that is. Like
report cards (groan) and hand prints and etc.

But the rest I kept. And these past days,
have been ....well.. interesting on how we
managed the bumpy times. And the joys
of the coming times. And the cards that
are plenty, that have the words....
Happy Mother's day, I know when I was
growing up, I gave you a hard time, but
now I............ well, you fill it in... we have
all at one time or another after we became
adults, felt guilty about what we put our
parents thru.

It is nice to be on the receiving
end of how it wasn't an easy job, but
they now appreciate it. Nothing opens your
adult children's eyes, like your grandchildren.

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MarmiteToasty said...

oh my, I have dont this for me lads, they each have one each and I call them their 'life boxes'... I gave Ben and Tom there's when they turned 21, but still I add to it LOL.....

I only have but a few photos of me as a child and only one toy all of which is salvaged from me mum's rubbish bin... yep they was throwing me out lol.... I just wanted some bits and bobs kept so the boys had just visual reminders of their growing up years besides, I hope, the wonderful memories that Ive tried to give them.....