Thursday, January 17, 2008

Foreign is buying and America is selling

Banks have been in trouble along with
Wall Street for a long time. Everyone
knows about the crash of 29. People
jumping out of 7 story buildings because
they lost all the money in the stock market.

Then in the 1980's we had the Saving & Loan

The French have a heavy hand in our bank
mortgages. When some of the banks got
into trouble with people being foreclosed,
the French became very concern. How did
the French get their hands on our mortgages?
Only bankers can tell you that.

They say that the Saudi's could buy
General Motors with only 3 days profit
from their oil. And 20% of Wall Street
stock, buy out companies one by one, with
a year's worth of oil profits.

I believe that. When you see pictures of a
whole town winter resort, ski mountains,
lodges and etc.. and it is all inside of a
huge building in the middle of the desert.
The saying that they have more money
than they know what to do with, is very
true for them.

Are we the Americans, using the foreign
money sources like the low income use
Pay Day Loans? Going back time after
What happen to responsible loans?
Collateral for those loans?

If the banks weren't giving $500,000 and
up loans for houses... then Contractors wouldn't
be asking $500,000+ homes. And suppliers would
not be charging outrageous prices for building
supplies. Just because they can.

I guess you would call it the reverse trickle
down system.

I know there will be some who will say, well that
is the way it works... my question would be.. why?
And would any of our people running for President
try to turn that around... that would be an interesting
question to ask.

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PinkAcorn said...

I hear they are trying to lower the value of the USD so we can, eventually, convert to a some North American currency with Mexico and Canada.....ACK!