Friday, January 04, 2008

Howdy Neighbor

What kind of a relationship do
you have with your neighbor?

Best friends?
Occasional coffee break?
Over for dinner?
Talks across the fence each time
you both are outside?
A wave or nod as you are doing
yard work? Or taking the garbage
to the curb?

Have you ever been in your neighbors
house? While they owned it?
Do you know who to call for them if
they have health problems? If they are
single. Do you house sit for them?
Do you loan them tools and etc?

Do you know the name of the neighbor
on the other side of the one closest to
you? If the UPS man comes to your
door and ask you which of your neighbors
is the one with the name he gives you..
Do know who it is? Do you know the
neighbor on both sides? Behind you?

The King is the more social of the two
of us. So he has a visiting relationship
with 3 neighbor wide of our house on
all sides. I, on the other hand, have a
wave to most. Over the fence on one
side and coffee/tea occasional on the other.
And we know by gender mostly. King knows
all of the men by first name. I know a few of
the women by first name.

The King is the friendliest with the neighbor
next to us on both sides. He hunts and so
does the neighbor on one side. The other is a
single woman who had health issues for over
a year, but better now. So we have been
guardian angels for her. I have helped her,
had tea with her. And the King snow blows
her walk and driveway, as well as the path
to our house and the garbage site for pick

We live in a town of 442 people. We know less
than 20. We have had two additions, so there
are now more than the 442. We don't have
a door to door postal service. Post Office only,
in the middle of town. So we see neighbors and
towns people there. Some we nod to, some we
talk to.

So what type of neighbor are you?

1 comment:

PinkAcorn said...

I know more neighbors in Idaho after only being there seven years than I did living in Ca for almost 50 years!

Our neighbors stop by just to say "hi" or drop us off goodies and the like. What a treat all around.