Thursday, January 31, 2008

Walking around this blog site

I suppose those would say, that I am phoning this one it..
in a way, I guess that is true...with all the snow removal
we have been doing on our own place as well as a neighbor,
there just hasn't been much time for coming up with new

So I thought I would do a walk around the blog site..

Last year, Toni from The Big Piney Woods helped me
out for a new face for the site. And it seems to work.
I like the Maxine in the corner... Sums up most winter

Stebbijo's husband Bob, gave me the coffee cup with
my name on it. It kind of sums me up I am
worth less before my first cup of coffee in the morning.

Then I have the clock.. that way when you are reading
the blog, you can tell if it is time to get the heck out of
here... you have spent too much time... lol.

Then I have my site meter to keep an idea of how many
people come to read. Which has been amazing lately.
Must be a lot of bored winter people. Also it is amazing
where these people are from. I don't know who they are
but some are from Spain, some places I never heard
of, some I have and across the good old USA...

Then I borrowed/stole from Oregon Dave, the Match
Up game. I use to play it over at his blog, and so
I decided I would help educate some of my readers,
along with me.

Above the Site Meter is Links. I recently took some
off and put on some new ones. Don't know if anyone
pays attention to them. Some have been there for
years. Of course Huckleberries and Slight Detour
being the parents of this blog, they are there the
longest. Each one of those in the link, have great
blogs. Ones that I go to off and on. Some of them
daily. My Gal Cindy is one of the new ones. She
is a gal I knew from when she was about 8. Now
all grown up, was a Judge in Alaska and now is
in Seattle while her daughter goes to school there.
So it is her adventures in the big city after being
a gal from a small town in Alaska. One is a name
change. Idle Thoughts, a friend of 30 some odd
years, who is running the gambit of trying to
keep ahead of her grandsons who are now teens,
and she and her husband have been raising them
since they were 2 and 3. Marmite toasty is from
England and always has me laughing my head
off. A Family runs through it, always amazes me
of what a cool stay at home dad he is...Heck, he
is just a cool dad..period. You have the zany
Oregon Dave, the thoughts of a sweet and sour
guy in Bay Views. Cat Lovers is The Piney Woods
gals... the beautiful pictures of cats and the area
they live in. Kelloggbloggin is a great guy who
finds 3 beautiful things in life each day, and does
double duty of Kellogg where he was raised,
and Oregon college life where he works. The is where I am from... and he runs a wonderful
site for those who want to know what R.I. is like
or bring back memories for those who lived there.

I tried to cut the list down some.. as it was getting long
and I was afraid that those who look at it, would think
it took too long to check them out. So that is my group
for now. In case you like to check them out.
Huckleberries gives you Cda and Spokane infor
and conversations that peak others interest.
Slight Detour is about Sandpoint from a

So that is the walk around the blog. And
the rest is wild thoughts of my simple mind,
or pictures of what is going on around our
lives. I do this Monday thru Friday.
Once in a while the pictures for the weekend...
and I take off holidays too. And so far, I have
survived almost 3 years.

Thanks for coming...


Phil said...

Thanks. I don't get called "cool" very often.

I haven't updated my blog roll in a long time, since I moved it to its own page. Another addition to my to-do list!

stebbijo said...

Cis - I can't help myself. My husband is so smart and I love it when I am just one up on him. (credit goes to him for teaching me how to make them - your coffee cup)

We gave you two to pick from - concerning your avatars - and you picked the one I designed for you! If you get tired of it - let me know, I will try to come up with a change for you - or better yet we should have an avatar gathering at your computer. :-)

stebbijo said...

Scratch that last thought - since I have now been included in your 'clean up' - I would not want to bother you any further.

Wow - having been blogging/computing since the dark ages when I actually started the first media libarary in the Hope Elementary school and was met with adult resistance (I donated five stand along computers and software and helped set them up) AND also intiated the first computer group through 4-H and entered the exibit in the local Bonner County Fair - and won a Blue Ribbon.

... but that was way back when - the kids were civil and willing to learn. So much for the adults.

See ya.

Word Tosser said...

Then THANK YOU, Stebbijo...
it is still doing fine... thanks..

stebbijo said...

Thanks wordtosser - I was feeling really bad and wondering just what I had done to P*** you off?

Much better now - Thanks.

MarmiteToasty said...

I need to declutter my blob, its looking a mess LOL

Fanks for the lovely email explaining 'stuff' LOL will reply soon :)


Idaho Escapee said...

ZANY THOUGHTS, huh? You didn't think I'd see that, Cis! My ears must have been burning when I decided on a whim to read your always, you have an entertaining and very highly individual blogsite.