Friday, February 01, 2008

Roof Ornaments

Our neighborhood has new roof ornaments.
Just about every house had one as we drove
around the neighborhood today.

We haven't had any ourselves. We have
had snow berm theirs.
But not on top of our roof.

It doesn't make any difference if it is one
story or two or even three. Some of them
have one... some have two or three. Most
of them young...

See these temporary ornaments are people.
People shoveling snow off of the roofs. Some
of them home owners, some of them for hire.
Some of them do it for free..

I heard the going rate is from $35 to $80 an
hour. And you thought snow looked pretty..

1 comment:

MarmiteToasty said...

ok, what I dont understand is WHY you all climb upon your roof to get the snow off? why dont you just leave it there, surely it makes the house all snug and warm like an igloo?.... or is it cos doodles dont have proper brick houses with tiles on the roof just wooden houses with felt roofs (like we have on our sheds).... I think I need to come over one winter and investigate this strange craze you all seem to have when ya get a tiny little bit of snow laying LOL...

I personally would build a snowman on me roof if I lived there, but then I AINT NORMAL lol