Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Walking with Diabetes 2

As we walk with the disease, we learn more
and more. We have been to a nutritionist. So
we have learn the numbers of what to use for a
scale of what to eat and not to eat. You end up
being a CPA of food.

You need to count your carbs. You need to
be aware of calories. You need to know that
you can deduct your fiber from the carbs.
You also have to check the servings. Some
have a low carb, but they are talking about
3 crackers for a serving. Some others are
18 crackers. Or some have a serving of
a quarter of a cup. So check your serving

We went thru all of our cupboard. We put all
the cans and bags on the table. And then went
thru and put back what was possible to be eaten
by a diabetic. So the other stuff was packed in
to 3 groceries bag and given away.

We have found ways to invent better eating.
Are you craving ice cream? Freeze yogurt,
and eat that. Make sure it is light low fat.
There is a box that has Hershey chocolate.
You can have one stick. It is like half of a
pencil...but it is a chocolate bite. Found
salsa can be used in the place of mayonnaise.

All of this and walking on the tread mill, and
mother nature's snow... has gotten the King
to lose 11 pounds in one month. And his numbers
are down on his blood sugar, and cholesterol is
almost perfect. Much to his doctor's surprise.
He is feeling better. Can do more.

So our start of the walk is off with good results.
And I am proud of him.


Book and Hook said...

That is impressive. Especially the giving away of what he can't have. "Just he can't have it doesn't mean I have to deprive myself." Or so I have heard other people, who live with someone who has diabetes whine. Even having it in the house is a huge temptation. Congrats on the good numbers and feeling better.

Betty said...

The trouble with the diabetic diet is that it is forever, and the hard part is getting through those times when you are just tired of it. Even if you like everything on the diet, there are still things you can't have, and at times you feel rebellious. But, with you helping him, he should be fine.

Dogwalkmusings said...

So you should be losing weight too. Any luck?