Monday, February 11, 2008

We have decided....

I guess it is official The King and I
have decided who we would like to
vote FOR. Yes, not against, not
the lesser of the two evils, but
actually FOR.

I won't be voting for Hillary.
Sure the heck isn't because she
is a woman. And those women
who vote for her "Because she is
a woman and we want a woman in
the office. And that is the only reason
why they are voting for her, make me
sick to my stomach. We have come a
long way, Baby. Remember that. Well,
those women are making us look like

You don't vote for some one because of
their gender? You vote for them because
they seem to think the same way you do.
You vote for them as they seem to be
honest and want what is right for the

Hillary and Bill have been on a 30+ journey
for themselves. For the power, why else would
she stick it out during the Monica
deal. She is not stupid. It was for the PLAN.
The plan of power. Which I could live with,
IF they were in a plan to make America
better. If they had a plan for the nation, that
he would start and she would continue.
But it hasn't been there. He did not do
anything really to speak of, except to
embarrass the office with his dalliances.

I have nothing against a woman in the office.
Just. not. this. woman. I want a person who
thinks of the nation. And how that person
can get both parties to think of just that.
What can they do to get this nation back'
up on its feet? Back up with pride?

So, as head of the Cafeteria Party, I
have joined my husband in siding in
to the place of voting FOR someone.
And that person is Barack Obama

No he is not a Muslin, he is a Baptist,
and a Catholic before that. His choice,
not his parents. According to his wife,
is good father and husband.

But most of all, he has experience. He
was a state senator for 8 years I believe,
in a state he actually has lived in for many
years. He has served in the Congress.
So he should know both sides of the coin.

He does honor the flag, and the accusations
are ridiculous. Those who saw the Super Bowl,
saw that the soldiers over in Iraq, did not have
their hand on their heart during the national
anthem. Dare those to condemn them.

This young man has brought joy to the
nation with his thoughts of how he wants a
change. The 18 and above want to vote. And
they want to vote for him. He is fresh air in the
many years of stagnateation.

I am not a Democrat, I am from the Cafeteria Party.
AND I VOTE. And it sure will be a wonderful feeling
to vote FOR someone.

Hopefully the politics of dirty tricks, does not bring down
this great feeling that the Americans have right now,
with their hopes into Obama.

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stebbijo said...

Cis - I am still on the fence. I am not caught up in the Obama frenzy just quite yet. I want to see the rest of the story and just what Ron Paul can do down the road. Too early for me to tell if I would vote Democrat this year - and probably not. But, if he were running for Governor of Idaho - he would get my vote. Now that would shake up a few local politicians - wouldn't it?