Friday, February 29, 2008

Bypassing Sandpoint

I have read that one more paper has to be signed
before the bypass gets use of the railroad land,
that is near by.

They, also have a lawsuit hanging again over their
heads. By the way, I wonder if the residents of
Bonner County can sue the suer's? Because
after 50 years, it seems that all the things that
can be said, have been said.

Trish Gannon of the River Journal told why she
doesn't want the bypass. And she has a valid
thoughts, because it is what I have said for a
year now. Not on the grounds of saving Sand
Creek. But because she really doesn't think it
is going to do any good. And I agree with her.

It is only going to help keep the semi's from
in town, and maybe have the workers from
Dover, Sagle, and the Samuels areas get to
work, if in fact they work on the opposite end
of town. Which is a good thing, but not enough.

Living in Kootenai, it isn't going to do a bit of
good to help those from the Montana, Clark
Fork, Hope, Colburn/Cluver Rd, Trestle
Creek, Whiskey Jack, and Kootenai area.

We have a steady stream of cars. Some one
said there was a counter one time two years
ago, and they said there is over 2000 cars that
go by between 7:15 am and 9:00am every week day
morning. I agree. I see them when I walk.
It is by the grace of polite drivers, that Whiskey
Jack Road residents as well as Kootenai residents,
get out on to Highway 200 in the morning.

And the bypass isn't going to help them one tiny
bit. There has even been talk of a bypass for that
area. Talk. So you know it is going to be 75 years
before anything will be done. And the path they
want, is starting to build up with houses now.

No, the bypass is going to be just a bandaid effect.

And I have gotten to the point, I don't care anymore.
I don't go downtown Sandpoint anyway. Most of the
business have filled up with Real Estate offices,
I wonder how that will be with the housing falling
off the market. There is only two stores I can think
of that I do go to, Sandpoint Super Drug and Merwins.
So I hit them at 9am... and get out of town.


MarmiteToasty said...

Happy Muvvers day you :) thats what day it is over here today.....


PinkAcorn said...

For us down in Cocolalla it may ease the backup over the long bridge. I don't know if a new hiway was necessary but they did need to alleviate the congestion (maybe stop all the building would be nice). Other than that, people can now be at the Canadian boarder five minutes earlier and wait there for who know how long(chuckle). I don't think it will detract from people shopping downtown, if people wanna shop just make the exit.