Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Tonight at 6:45 p.m. The eclipse...

My thinking tends to be more logical then some
people. Which has its good points and bad.

So when I heard they were waiting for tonight,
to shoot a satellite out of the sky that is falling
to earth, because it had toxic fuel, and that is
the reason why. It made me say...WHAT?

If they shoot this satellite, the size of a van,
(they didn't say family van or commercial
van) with a television set size (they didn't say
which size television, but definitely smaller
than said van) missile, what happens to the toxic
fuel? Doesn't that go into the atmosphere?
The very same atmosphere that you and I breathe
in? How is that better?

Then, the We Hopes...
We hope we can hit the ideal site
on the satellite.
We hope it will hit it at all, because the
satellite is going thousands of miles per
hour faster than the missile can go.
And if the first shot doesn't make it,
they have 4 tries at it.

So what happens to these television size
missiles that are up there not hitting anything.
Doesn't the old saying of, what goes up, must
come down?

Also, they have F.E.M.A. standing by to be
ready to help out the area where the debris will
So... if F.E.M.A. is on standby, then does
that mean they figure it is going to hit the USA?
And if they figure it will, don't they think they should
tell some of the states?
"Oh, Iowa, Michigan, and
Indiana, expect falling debris before daylight"That
would be nice. Or if it is in the Florida, Hawaii area,
I think the people should be warned that this isn't
a good night for a midnight picnic on the beach.

So even if they (I always have a distrust when the
news and the government, say THEY. Who is
THEY?) say the fuel will burn up when the satellite
is hit, isn't there an ash, residue? Where is that going,
and how dangers is that to our lungs? Or even our

Being this is a spy satellite, making this mission run by
the government, and the governments handling of things
of has to wonder, is this going to work and what
is the side effects.

I hate to be a Chicken Little and say the sky is falling,
but this really doesn't look good for those of us who are
looking up for the meteor, or just outside. And what part
of the day or night is it going to be hitting earth?

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Betty said...

And, they have reported it almost as an afterthought. As though we do this sort of thing all the time.