Friday, February 22, 2008

Dirty Politics and Dirty Tricks...

Well, well, Ladies and Gentlemen,
we have finally got down to the nitty
gritty of politics.

I had hoped for McCain and Obama.
Because I THOUGHT it would be a
clean fight. I THOUGHT they would
keep it to the principles of our government
and country. I THOUGHT we would be
choosing between their ideals of the

But instead we have got the people
scared. They are running so scared
that some of them are not just fighting
with the person of their own party so
they can be the choice, but they are
fighting across the party lines.

Does the Republicans want Hillary
so bad to go up against, that they
are trying to discredit Obama?

Do they feel, that the Obama voters
will vote for McCain, with the "anyone
BUT Hillary" crowd?

And McCain taking artillery because
someone in the Republican party
REALLY doesn't want him. Are they
using dirty tricks, bringing up OLD history
to destroy him, as they did before in
2000? Yes, the New York Times ran
the story...but it is reported it didn't come
from the Democrat side.

And to take Mrs. Obama to task for
what they called a slip up. I am sorry,
but I too, am proud of my country right
now. In the full context of what she said,
because for the first time since maybe
Kennedy years, we have HOPE. We
have someone who we can vote for, not
the lesser of the two evils.

Yep, Ladies and Gentlemen, it looks
like it won't be a gentlemen's debate
of who is best, who has the best
thought of the issues.... it is starting
to look like a blood bath.

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Betty said...

I don't think the McCain story came from the Democrats because they would probably have waited until October to release it. Either that, or this is just the opening salvo by someone who has even more stories about Mr. Perfect, with more to come.