Thursday, February 28, 2008

Getting a Concealed Weapon's Permit

Getting a concealed weapon's permit

Many years ago, I use to have to travel
on the road by myself. For 4 hours.
My husband at the time, told me I
should carry a gun. And we believed
in concealed weapons permits. He told
me to get one. I wouldn't listen.

Well, one time when we were traveling
together, it was late at night. About 1 am.
We had left his sister's house in Castle
Rock and was traveling back to Cle Elum.
(in Washington)

It was my time to drive as we were coming
across Highway 18. Marv was tired so he
laid across the seat and went to sleep.

3/4th the way across Highway 18, a car
came behind me and followed for about 5 miles.
Then they came along side of me and stayed
there. I looked at the car, and the passenger
was pointing at my tire. Thinking maybe some
thing was wrong, I pulled over. Besides, Marv
was with me. The car came in front of me,
and stopped also. But they just sat there.

I open the car door, bent down and looked back
at the tire, and there wasn't anything I could
see, so I pulled out.

This car played cat and mouse for the
rest of the 5 miles I had left before I
turn on to Highway 90. I went slow
so they could pass... they would
slow down to 15 mph. Getting scared
and trying to wake up Marv, I started
to go faster, and they would come
up behind me and be almost on
my bumper. I slowed down. They
would come in front and slow down
again. This time I passed and
Marv was finally waking up. I
told him what was going on. And
I was turning on to highway 90.

I told me to go fast, and pull in
behind the big sign saying North
Bend. Which I did. He had his
357 with us, as first, he always
traveled with a gun and he had
brought this one to show his
brother in law. As I pulled in
behind the sign, we switched
places. The car went passed us.
Then slowed way down. So Marv
passed them. And then he slowed
down, of which they started to
pass, and then came even with
our car, and the passenger started
to smile.... then he spotted it
was Marv and not me, and Marv
pointed the 357 at them. For those
who don't know.. a 357 has a big
barrel. The car then took off, and
was going 80 mph. I know because
Marv was keeping up with them.

They shot down the first left hand
street they found in North Bend.
So did Marv, and then they disappeared
in the dark.

That convinced me... that I needed a
concealed weapon's permit. And I
applied for one. I had to be finger
printed, and 3 weeks later, I was
cleared for a concealed weapon
permit for $15 for 4 years. I kept one
until I left Washington state.

Yesterday, the King decided he better
have one, as he always carries a
gun when we travel. Being he wanted
it to be hidden, he would need a
concealed permit. And time has
changed. Or Idaho is different.

First the sheriff office to get the
application. Then we find out he
needs, fingerprinting. $15.
And then the FBI report $35.
And the license cost... $22.
But there is one more thing he had
to have.
Firearms Training cert. After
hunting for over 40 years.. a
firearms cert. So that was another
call. And that is $10 for the book
AND $50 for the class and to qualify.

Whew, what started in the morning as
a simple thing, has turn out to be
a lot more complicated. But to be
honest with you... I am glad it is.
The King isn't... his ego is a little
bruised as he has shot guns for
all these years. He goes target
shooting almost every time he goes
to his brother's house. But he needs
a certificate. And then there is a
3 month wait.

Which makes me wonder, how do
these shooters in colleges and malls,
get their guns and etc. so fast. Oh,
because they aren't getting a concealed
weapon permit. lol..

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