Saturday, February 16, 2008

Who Are These People???

Did you go? You didn't... what a shame... am I going to tell you the names to go with the faces??? NAH... because you should have been there.. Well, I will give you a little hint..look at the shirt... see the name?? And that is Sweet and Sour Herb talking to him...... now the rest... you are on your own.

This is the lady who keeps DFO in line... which one? well, you should have been there to ask.

The man himself, talking to a fellow blogger...

I wonder what they are talking about? Could it have to do with mail in votes? see if you were there, you would know.

Two very good commenters and a blogger ... what a shame, especially the tall guy standing. Very famous man in the land of HBO... A lot of us have talked to him in person and he gave us a gift, just for stopping by.

Ah, the entertainment is getting ready''

The meeting of the minds...

Making a point, Herb??....

One of those... I am going to take a picture, while you take a picture


The West side talking to the East side..


Here we go with the songs, folks

The set up.... are you ready?

If you could hear this one... you would be bent over in laughter too...

Well, that is it folks, you should have been there..... see you next year????


Phil said...

It was great to see you again. I'm glad I dragged my family to the event, although my wife is still confused about it all. She is so not into blogs. My kids are just happy they got some cheese pizza.

Kendra said...

Cis, I gotta say it was an honor to meet you- like I said there at the 'fest, I had heard nothing but stellar things about you, and DFO in particular holds you in the highest regard as being one of the "originals". So thanks for taking the time to speak with me for a moment!

Anonymous said...

Cis: At events like that we sometimes overlook people we like. I saw you sitting there alone for once and made my move. I wish we could have had more time, but parties like that go by very fast and you try to meet and talk with everyone. I'm glad we had a few moments, you look good and seem happy. There was a lot going on, and I like your pictures. Your comments about that tall guy made me smile, thanks. Maybe we will run into each other again someday, and for sure at the blogfest's if they keep having them, as they should, it was fun. The Stickman