Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Looking at the obits column yesterday
morning brought back old memories.

When I started at "THE" Manor in 1986,
there was a woman there who use to whistle.
Whistle very well. Tunes...

When I was switched to day shift I found out
it was a family thing. As her son would come
in every so often and would push her wheel chair,
after lunch to her room. And as he pushed the
chair, he would whistle tunes. And she would
join him. Most of them Hymns. Some times he
would break out in song with his mother whistling.
It was the highlight of our day.

One day, as the two of them were coming
down the hall and getting ready to turn the
corner to the next hall, they started the Hymn,
HOW GREAT THOU ART. On the second
hall was a women, who was angry most of the
time, walking slowly with her walker, as she
did each day.

She heard them start the tune, and stopped and
started to sing along with them. With the most
operatic voice. Shocking all of us aides.
With Jim joining her, Nellie whistling, and Miss
Lillian sing, it was a delight to us all and after
we clapped.

After that, every time Jim saw Miss Lillian, he
would start the song, and it got to be their song,
the 3 of them. After Nellie passed away, we didn't
see Gentlemen Jim anymore.

And sometimes, when we would
see Miss Lillian looking sad, we would ask her
to sing for us. Not only upbeat for us, but for her

Thanks for the memories, Mr. Scott.

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MarmiteToasty said...

Oh this is a dear sweet story, well except for the bit where someone died....

My Jacob has started for some unknown reason WHISTLING around the house lol now, if only he could get it in tune lol