Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Guy

As the Mary Well's song goes...

"He might not be a movie star
when it comes to being happy, we are
There's not a man today
Who could take me away from my guy"

You have read about the King many times
here. So you kind of know about him. But
I am going to dedicate this to him today.

He is funny. He has a great smile, And
a good heart. His down side is ....his
practical jokes. Which some times I think
he takes too far. I told him once, that some
day he will want me to tell someone he is
telling the truth..... and I would have to answer
"I'm sorry Officer, but I can't tell when he is
telling the truth
." Because he can keep the
straightest face when he is pulling something.

He catches everyone, his brother, sister in laws,
grandson, well, let me put it this way... One time
we had car trouble. He called our daughter, and
told of our problems. She told him to put me on
the phone, because she wasn't going to come in
to town and help, if this was one of these jokes.

But he scores A+ on everything else.
He brings me flowers for no reason. He holds
me even if I don't ask or cry. He will be the
first one to help out someone in need. He will
work with someone without pay, just to help.
Those over 70, call him their teddy bear.

He snow blows the neighbors path and driveway
each year. He mows her lawn (it is large) for her
as he knows she can't. This year he shoveled off
her roof. Wasn't asked, just knew it had to be done.
He is getting people gathered to paint a house this
Spring/summer for a friend who can't.
That is just the kind of guy he

And even when his teenage grandson drives him
crazy, with his arguing about mechanics, he is
still there for him. Thru thick and thin. He has
taken all of my kids under his wing as his own.
Even though he has never had any of his own. No
one dare challenge him without the wrath of my

And when he is his primadonna chef self, he
still takes time to give me a hug, while I prep
some of the food for him.

So you see, it is the little things that count to
us. God has blessed me twice.
Once with Marv, and the second time with the
King. Does he wear a halo, good heavens no, but
he is a keeper...


"Nothing you can say
can tear me away from my guy
Nothing you can do
'Cause I am stick like glue to my guy"

Mary Wells words for My Guy taken from
Yahoo music

1 comment:

MarmiteToasty said...

This moved me to tears, so bloody stop doing that, I have a well ard reputation to uphold...

King as do you, sound so very special, and to be touched twice in a lifetime, well, what can one say..... magical, how very lucky, nah not lucky, how very blessed you both are :) - Im still waiting for the first one LMFAO.....

love to you both......