Friday, May 23, 2008

Garden of Friends

On Boston Legal last night, one of the character said:
"Friendships are like a back yard gardens.
We always mean to tend to them, but sometimes
we get side tracked."

How true that is...
Some friends need to be handled like delicate flowers.
Others are rough and tough, And like weeds...They are
always there...

But there are friendships, that we forget in our daily
lives. And when that person passes away, we have
guilt pangs, justly so. But it works both ways. That
person didn't get ahold of you either. It isn't you two
didn't care...just life gets in the way.

I do have one that I have had since 6th grade, and we
keep in touch by emails.. Hi, Alice..... she started to
read my blog.
And then there is one I have had since my first real
job. So that is 57 years and 50 years of friendship.

Hi Maureen, friend of 34 years...
Which no matter how long we haven't talked.. we
seem to start where we left off last time.

But there are a couple that I haven't touch base with
lately...So I am going to work a little harder on my back
yard garden of friends.

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MarmiteToasty said...

(((Cis))) Im that dark blue Delphinium in the corner by the fence..... oxo