Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Tale of Grandpa and the Kid

One beautiful day, it was decided that
a pick up truck would be towed from out
of the North side to Kootenai.

The tower would be the King's grandson.
The towee would be the King.

No matter how you look at this, you know
there is going to be trouble. If you have EVER
been towed or done the towing.. you know no
one comes away happy. I have been both. And
they did not come out with happy people and usually
a lot of cussing.

You see the King went out the day before and
changed the wheels as there were two wheel
wheels on a 4 wheel truck. And it just doesn't
work. Then he put the truck on a trailer...which
is not made for cars. It was too heavy, so it was
decided that it should be towed the next day.

All went well in the beginning. Everything was lined
up. It appeared that the King had check the lug nuts.
And off they went... Grandson towing his grandfather.

Grandson's buddy went with me. And we decided
because it was close to time for him to go to work,
that I would take him. He called the Grandson to
tell him, so he wouldn't worry. The Buddy said to
the phone..." NO WAY, YOU ARE JOKING? HOW
BAD IS IT.. Oh, ok... well, grandma is taking me to
work, so don't worry about me." I looked at the
buddy, and said, do I really want to know what
happen? He said no...

But then he proceed to tell me.
It seems they left the road of which my daughter
lives on... and turn down two others, and then at a
straight stretch, a wheel and tire passed the King.
Passed the grandson... and went into the ditch.
And the red truck came down on the spindle.
I looked at the Buddy and said "you know who
put those wheels on don't you.".. the buddy said
"yes.. Grandpa"... and we both said in unison...
"Thankfully it wasn't the grandson."..

They had to come to the house to get a floor jack
so they could lift the truck up, and get the wheel
back on.

When they arrived in the alley out back, I asked our
Grandson, if he had told his grandfather that he was
stupid, (he shook his head no) I asked him, did he
tell him he was too old and wasn't thinking? And did
he ask him, what were you think when you did the lug
nuts? All of which he said,no... I told him. Well, his
grandfather got off pretty easy. Because you know,
Grandson, had it been you who put the lug nuts on,
he would have said that and more to you... Grandson
grinned and said, yes, I know... He looked at his grandfather
and grinned some more.

It will be a long time before the King lives this one down.

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