Friday, May 16, 2008

Lost in the 50's

As we approach one of the favorite
weekends of the year, of Sandpoint,
I think back to my own first owned car.

I bought with my own money. And that
was $125, that I earned at $1 an hour
job. I did have some saved up from
babysitting. But after school I went to
work for the Naval Exchange on the base.
So I was able to buy it with my savings,
and my job wages. I think I got to bring
home $36 a week. Until then, I walked
to work. Oh, don't feel too bad for me,
it was only about 2 miles.

It was a 1949 Chevy, green in color and
a convertible. I loved that car. Even though,
I only owned it for about 8 months. As I left
R.I. and left the car behind to be sold by my
father. He said it needed a new top and that
cost what the offer he got for it. Boy, if I only
had it now.

So what was your first car? One that you
bought with your own money? And if your
parents gave you, your first car, what was it?

So it could be a two part answer. Your first
car by parents, and/or the first one you
actually paid for yourself, and how much
was it. Oops, that is a possibility of 3
questions. Oh, maybe 4.. because what
year was it, that you bought it. I bought
my '49 in 1957.

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