Monday, May 19, 2008

Things that make me shake my head

Things that make me shake my head.

We got notice that they are changing
our voting area. From our City Hall to...
Cedar Hills Church. Yes, that is a church.

Their reasoning is because there is more
parking. I know, come November there
will be probably more than the average
people coming out to vote. But this is
for the primary and the November vote.

So why is my head shaking?
Because we average 31 people that
vote at our city hall. Even in a hotly
debated vote we have had up to 100
people come vote. But most of them
are at the school, as the hotly contest,
involve the school levies.

Now we do have a tiny parking lot that
is shared with the post office that is
attached to the city hall. But this has
not been a problem before.

But then we have had two housing areas
pop up in our area.(two more coming)
So maybe that is it.

And there is up to a possibility of 100
adults in those houses. But some of
them are empty lots yet, and not finished

And I wonder how this rides with the ones
who yell about separation of church and state?
Oh, well, I will see on the 27th how it is going.

Which reminds me, no one answered my question
before about where is it in our laws or Constitution,
that there is to be a separation of church and state?
I have heard people talk about it for years... but never
actually seen a bill or law saying it to be so.


Betty said...

We always vote at the churches. And, I have thought the same thing you do, when I was going to vote. We have lots of people who turn out to vote Republican every time. They don't mind voting in a church. In fact, they never give it a thought. lol

Lorraine said...

Hi Cis....Hey, what a co-incidence! I was just running thru all my Note Pad folders, where I save everything I think I might use some day. Yikes, is there a bunch of--ummm, *stuff*--and most of it I will probably never use anywhere.

But I have a bunch of *stuff* I read on a website I like and joined called "Defending our Constitution" [DEFCON] because it is NOT true, as some people believe, that the USA "was founded on Christian principles". and so on.

I will blog something about that ticklish subject. I'll start with the FACT that the word "God" does not appear anywhere in the U.S. Constitution or the Bill of Rights or the Declaration of Independence. So there! LOL

And this is why I still have boxes all over that have not been unpacked yet. Yikes. This darn computer---taking up so much of my time.