Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ted Kennedy

Coming from New England I have, maybe, not
as much of distaste of Ted Kennedy.

The Kennedy's were as close as Royalty as
American could get and especially New England.
Love them or hate them, you still were amazed by

In Massachusetts, especially Boston area, the
family was really well known before the nation
was really aware of them. Those who knew of
the Irish mafia of Boston knew of Rose's family
especially, going back 100 years or more.

Those who are on top of their game of politics
would have known Joseph Kennedy was the
Ambassador in the 1930's. Before they knew
of John Kennedy. And of course, of his affairs,
with Gloria Swanson and etc.

Which is why I gave Teddy Kennedy some slack.
Not much, but some. When the young lady was
killed in his car, it was life as usually just hours
before. The Kennedy's played hard and partied
hard too. They attracted women in droves. This
is not to say it was the young ladies fault. But
she was with the partiers... and as in the case with
a lot of parties, that go on with the rich and famous,
accidents happen. And most of them are covered

Ted was young, and still very much controlled by
his father. It was the American rich way. You take
care of family business. If you can, you cover it up.
With the name like Kennedy, that isn't so easy.

Ted, I am sure was scared, sorry, and remorseful.
Just it wasn't in the public eye for all the see. Rich
families do not like to have their people show emotions.
But Ted has paid for this mistake in his life. He has paid
dearly. He will never measure up in anyone's eyes. He
will be until his death the man who killed the girl in the car.
You can bet those of the news media, who are getting
their obituaries ready for him (they have him half dead) in
their files, have that very thing in there.

Ted, also followed his family footsteps of womanizing,
drinking, party hardy, and living life to the fullest. And in
age, he has mellowed. But he also has done well for
the country. He has been involved in many bills that
have passed, for the betterment of the country.
But he will always be remembered as the guy who
killed the girl. And never President as the family
had wished for......Sad...

I wonder how many of us, who have made bad choices
over life, drank too much, partied too many times, took
the wrong Y in life, could we have stood up to so much
criticisms? At least the majority of the people in the
state of Massachusetts had enough faith in him for over
40 years.

So I hope for his sake there is a turn around with this
tumor. Just so he can keep on being Ted Kennedy, the Lion
Senator from Massachusetts or just Ted Kennedy, the man
who sails off of Cape Cod, and enjoys what he has left of


Betty said...

I have been a fan of the Kennedy's since I worked on JFK's campaign. I agree with your thoughts on Teddy. It's too bad the media can't see anything but his one tragic mistake.

Idaho Escapee said...

Hi, Cis...I think we all have certain crossroads in life, and we can go one way or the other, and what we decide at that point affects the rest of our lives. I've been at those crossroads and I made some really bad choices; nothing nearly as severe as Ted Kennedy, but still...if I had use wishing for that.

But, as you wish for Ted Kennedy, I, too, am trying to enjoy the rest of my life. And your insight into the Kennedy situation is unique, and walks along a curious 'middle ground'; I'd never thot of Ted in that way before. Yes, he'll always be tarnished. But perhaps because he knew he was tarnished, he's become a really good senator. Good Senator? Is there such a thing?