Friday, May 09, 2008

the Toughest Mothers...

Here is the to the roughest of jobs of mother hood.
The mothers who are here at home, while the father
is overseas, trying to hold it all together.

And of course the worse of all is the mothers who
had to leave their children behind to go to Iraq.
Leaving their children in the hands of, if they are
lucky, the fathers. If not, then the grandparents or
their siblings.

During war, we see the names listed on the shows,
and in the paper of those who did not make it. But
rarely do you get to see the picture..of a son or daughter
receiving the folded flag of their parents.

So for all the women who answered the call. We bow
our heads in prayer for your safe return. And hopefully
a electronic visit home on Mother's Day.

Thank you...

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MarmiteToasty said...

I would of LOVED to of had a mum, I mean a proper mum that loved and cared and shared..... I had no one to guide me into being a parent, so it was hit and miss with me, I can only hope that I have done my best for my lads....... and if nuffin else...... they will always feel my love unconditionally.....

HAPPY MUVVERS DAY Cis............xxxxxxxxx