Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Went Fishing....

Was going to put up this morning... a
GONE FISHING sign on the old blog.

But we did our long walk,came back
and got everything together and off we went..
So didn't take the time to post.

We got to the lake, put the boat in, and off
we went fishing. As we trolled across the
lake I got one fish. We were rounding the
end of the lake and I told the King, it is
suppose to rain, so I suppose it will start
as we get back to the dock. So we should
have enough time to troll back.

I got one more hit and almost got it in
the boat, when I lost it. Then the wind
came up, got colder and a few sprinkles.
I was in shorts,and a sleeveless shirt.
As the King said, it is warmer at the
lake. Well, yes, as he and his brother
fished on those days of 80 degrees.
By the time we got about 30 yards from
the dock it started to rain.

The King had many hits but nothing to
bring to the boat or home. I only got the
one... but at least I didn't get skunked.
Usually the King gets 10 to my one..so
it was great to finally beat him. Oh, that
singing at the dock, that was me doing
the victory dance.

I was going to release the fish. As it was
still breathing, and one is hardly enough to
bring home. So I went to the dock and
swished it in the water. Two flips of the
tail, I let go, and the fish sank. The King
asked if it swam off. I told him it started
to but got tired, sunk to the bottom and
was sleeping. lol.... I thought he was going
to choke with laughter. I got the net and
brought it back up, dang thing was still
breathing, don't know why it didn't swim
off. But I gave it a fair chance. So I
brought him home, pan fried him and ate
him for lunch...

All and all, a good day. Any day fishing
is a good day, and fishing with your
sweetheart is better yet.


Dogwalkmusings said...

That's a fish??? I've got bigger goldfish in my pond!

JeanC said...

Yup, a bad day fishing is better then a good day at work.

I hate it when fish i want to throw back insist on going home with me, I almost feel guilty when I pop them into the frying pan and then eat them :D