Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Amazing Japanese

While watching the news about the mess over there in Japan, is there anything that you noticed? One of the first things that the King and I noticed was NO LOOTING.. we were amazed as we watched. We know, what happen in New Orleans when the hurricane hit there. Also as people rushed around to help others, there wasn’t any screaming at others… No one screaming into the cameras asking why me? They were too busy helping each other. Even with tears on their faces, there was the calm as they tried to help. Children, elderly, no matter who was there, they were all trying to help each other. Standing in line quietly without complaining as they waited for water and other services. Not like the ones we saw in New Orleans and Haiti.. No hoarding and grabbing of water and etc. And the 50 men who stayed with the N-reactors. What heroes are they? Thinking of their mankind instead of themselves. Restaurants helping out.. cutting prices, even giving, when some had no money at all. Instead of the gouging we normally see. I didn’t see any reporters running around the area like chickens with their head cut off, except ours, who after talking about how hazard it was in the area they were in.. checking with radiation counters. What part of stupid is that.. Do they really pay them enough to endanger their lives unnecessarily? Say nothing about them not caring about their own lives and their families who will suffer with them. Our reporters seem to be more excited than theirs were. I read that when everything went dark, that the people in the stores put the merchandise back and walked out quietly. Wow, is that weird or what.. Try that in Chicago, New York or Los Angles … right.. Yes, you really have to hand it to the Japanese, their dignity, their keeping calm and being honest. Too bad that isn’t one of the things we learn from them when we were at war with them, and won…

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Margie's Musings said...

I certainly agree. I admire the Japanese so much. They are not rugged individualists. They think of the group. So different from us Americans.

If such a catastrophe happened to us, we would see Americans breaking into markets for food and water and looting like mad. That's what happened after Katrina if you recall. They had to call out the guard to protect folks.