Tuesday, March 22, 2011

College for the rich only?

Will college once again become just for the rich?
Or well off anyway?

Idaho has a new thing about how high school isn’t
enough.. they have billboards thru the state with
the saying of Idaho..Go On… and the remarks of
how high school isn’t enough, that as time goes on
jobs are going to required more and more education.

I agree with that last line. But I believe more in trade
training than college.. unless you are going to become
a doctor, lawyer and etc. Then all the letters after your
name means more… But a trades school is more reasonable
price wise and shorter time as well, as they get right to
the subject at most of them. Where college seems to be a
repeat of high school the first half of the first year. Then
slowly it goes in to the subjects you need for what ever
you desire for an occupation.

Yet, here is Idaho, and probably other states as well,
pushing for you to go to college.. GO ON… yet they
are raising up the tuition yearly. And of course the
other expenses of living while you go, is going up too.

But it seems counterproductive to advertise GO ON
While you as a state are raising up the price of that
schooling.. And there are a lot of students who really
want to further their education but are not A and B
students in high school, so scholarships are out of the


Margie's Musings said...

Today's young folks don't seem to value a college education like our folks did after the second world war. Before the GI bill, mostly just the rich were educated.

Most folks may not realize that if you are a vet and you don't use your GI bill benefits, you can now pass them on to your kids.

betty said...

I feel strongly that not everybody needs to go to college. Especially in this day and age when college no longer guarantees that you will find a job. Then, there you are, with a degree in one hand and huge student loans to pay back. Just part of our upside-down priorities in this country.

Anonymous said...

College can be incredibly valuable even if it does not directly lead to employment. Some colleges offer courses like ethics, logic, and philosophy (honorable mention: economics).

These courses can change any open-minded student's life for the better, by giving them incredible "tools" they can use to further educate themselves and make good decisions for their entire lives. They can teach students to be kinder and more considerate people while also giving the students the ability to be more self-reliant. The benefits come from all sides.