Monday, March 21, 2011

The circus is still in town

The office of being a President always brings out a naysayer
or many of them.. Obama surely brings out more than the average
share. After all, what President can you recall that was loved by
everyone WHILE STILL IN OFFICE? Not Kennedy or even
Roosevelt’s, who are thought to be great men in their time. Even
Harry Truman has his fans now.. and several others.. Lincoln..
the list could go on… But while in office, each of these President’s
has their fair share of naysayers. You would never believe they turn’
out to be loved by so many now.

The latest of the circus of politics, is the complain of Obama daring
to take time to work on a basketball bracket. Is that the best you can
do? They seem to think he should not be taking the time to think of
such things when there is so much in the world that should be thought
of. Taken care of and etc…

Last I knew.. the President, no matter which one, sign on to be “on call
24/7… but I didn’t think there was a line there saying they shall not have
any other thoughts but about the trials and troubles of the world. Does that
mean, he should not go to the toilet as he has to be ready from second to
second? No sleeping, after all something could happen in Europe while
he/she were to sleep. This is so totally laughable. Screaming headlines
because a fellow (who is laughable in himself) politician thinks Obama
shouldn’t be thinking about the basketball games. And then have the
audience of tea partier and etc pickup the stream and repeat it…

Talk about petty people…Just like the same ones who scream because
Bush didn’t jump up in the classroom when he heard about the World Trade
Center attacks..really what could he have done is those few minutes
That he eased himself out of there with out scaring the beejees would
Of everyone? Yep, the circus is still in town.

Well, I have better fish to fry… I am going to make the last payment on
my house!! Enjoy the day.

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