Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick Day

Happy St. Patrick Day to all you Irish and the wannabe Irish.
And with all the happiest of the Irish, there are a lot of people
who are in the wannabe group.

When I was in school, it was a great day to have fun. We did
the shamrock and etc.. but it also was a hurtful day for a lot of
us… Hurtful because a lot of us got pinched. See if you didn’t
wear green, you got pinched… and if you wore Orange you
definitely got pinched and many be punched in the arm.

Being my mother was not one to claim another’s ancestors, she
wouldn’t let us wear green. And she was proud of her half
English. Of course not in the 40’s, did she mention the other half
being German. She traced her English ancestors back to before the
Revolution War. So that had my brother and I getting pinched
a lot. Being the English were the enemy of the Irish. And Orange
was the color of some king, which I forgot his name.

My brother and I didn’t care as we almost Heinz 57 kids. Having
mostly English, the fore-mention German and adding dad’s
English and Swedish. While in high school, I hid a small green
scarf to wear around my neck once I got to high school.

So Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all… I will be looking forward to
Corned beef and cabbage today. Watching some of the Irish
St.Patty’s parades on television.. where I came from they had
a green stripe down the middle of town for their parade. The Irish
was the second most popular nationality in our town.

So tip a brew to you all. And Happy St. Pat’s day to my daughter
who is 1/8 Irish.

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