Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My House

We became homeowners as of Monday. We will get the paper
work in a week or so, saying it is really ours. We have lived here
for almost 12 years. And we bought it 12 years ago… but Monday
we became home owners. Meaning that we own it…not the bank and
us.. WE. OWN. IT. As we drove in the drive way after our visit to the
bank, I told the King… well, there she is… in all her glory and warts..
but she is ours…

Never owned a house before… Owned several with different banks over
the years… but this is the first time it really does belong to us. Of course it
does have the down side.. .. now we have to pay the taxes and the
insurance. We did before in the round about way… we just sent in the
mortgage money and they took care of it all. Now it is our job to take
care of it.

Doesn’t feel quite real yet.. when we get the deed then it will really feel like ours.
When the first of the month comes and that big payment doesn’t come out of
our account. Then it will seem real. And when we fill in any form now and it
ask, renter or own home… we can really say… OWN.. That sound so nice.

Looking back over the years, I think of the different ones that have been
bought with the banks. The first one was neat old, old Roslyn house. We
bought it for $3,000… no that isn’t the down payment.. that was the total.
The house payments were $50 a month. That was in 1972. It was a 2 bedroom
2 story house with garage and large yard, with a chicken house on it. Also
a clean shed. Clean shed is where the coal miners use to go into when
they got home, and strip off their work clothes and wash up in the basin
that the wife put there, and put on clean clothes to be able to come into
the house. My kids used it for a play house and called it the Mickey
Mouse house. We sold it for $5,000.

The best house we had was in Ellensburg on 10 acres surrounded by
good hunting land owned by the state. Great riding area.. for miles for
our horses and the kids. Great place to raise kids… we had a creek
going thru it.. and they played in it, fished and also hunted for crawdads.
We bought it for $20,000 and put 3 bedrooms and a bath on the two
room house that we bought. And we sold it for $33,000.

Both of these were paid for by the next owners.. we only got to half way
with them before we sold out.
So this is great to actually fully own, our own place.

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Dogwalk said...

Congratulations! It must be a great feeling.