Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Gadhafi and Sheen

What is the difference of Gadhafi and Charlie Sheen? Gadhafi
kills his country men and Sheen just might kill himself.

But other than that they have a lot in common. Both of them
suffer from the delusions of grandeur. Spouting off of how
great they are and how their followers love them. That their
way is the right way for them. I fully expected to hear
Gadhafi to say, “that is just the way I roll.”

Gadhafi thinks he is in charge because his inter circle tells
him so. But when the end comes, watch the rats desert the
ship. Right now they are with him, because there is power
and money involved. Once that is gone, Gadhafi will be a
very lonely man, or dead.

Charlie seems to think he is what makes his show. WRONG!
I wish CBS had continue the last 4 shows without him. I think
Alan, Jake, Bertha and Evelyn could have carried it off. All
they had to say is Uncle Charlie was in jail for DWI…like who
would be surprised… right.

Now, I will admit, I like Two and Half Men … But Charlie
Sheen was just playing himself with humor… the rest are actors.
Each one being a very important part of the show. But most
of all, it was the writers.. With out the words.. the show would
be nothing. With out these particular actors… it wouldn’t be
the same. Just try putting 4 other people in the show with
Charlie Sheen and it would fall flat.

Conchata Ferrell is a great comedian with face to go with
her humor, as the right acid tone to go with it…
Angus R. Jones has done a bang up job of being a kid. And
now that he is a teen, it is getting better. Holland Taylor is
great as a warped mother. And Jon Cryer has proved his salt
with awards each year. So no, Charlie Sheen is having
Delusions of grandeur.


Margie's Musings said...

I tried to watch that show once but to me it was just empty. I did not like Charlie Sheen and liked him even less after he started spiraling down. He is an addict and that's all there is to it. As long as they pay him a big salary, he will see it as an affirmation of his lifestyle.

MLove said...

Funny how I just had almost exactly the same conversation with Bill before coming up and reading your blog.

I watched Charlie Sheen on Piers last night and finally just turned him off.

I told Bill he reminded me exactly of Khadafi (however you spell it) and that it looks like he's on a grand finale trip before doing himself in.

Amazing how these two men are so much alike. I wonder which one will go first.