Monday, March 28, 2011

Make mine ENGLISH, please...

Every so often things make my teeth hurt. It is then I am so dang peeved, that it sets my jaw tight. Two days ago I got something from Frontier. Frontier is the new phone company that bought out Verizon. Which so far, the company hasn’t showed me anything. I have researched their “FREE INTERNET FOR 6 MONTHS.” I went on line to do some research. One of the things that bothered me, was the lack of Information after the 6 months. See for $40 a month you got digital phone (what is the difference of that and what I have?) and internet. Now you know there has to be a catch. And without the after 6 months charges, I was really suspicious. So I found out that one of the things wrong is, they tell you …you get the “average use” of 5 what ever the gitzmo is… but the average is really 9. That is without music downloads and etc. of such high use. One woman was surprised to get a phone bill of $99 for one month because she went over the 5. So there is one deal breaker. And still no one tells what the after 6 months bill are. Then I got the letter. So what bothered me so much about the letter? There was not one word of English on it. WTF is with that? I wrote back to the man who suppose to have written it. And said what the Hell is this… I can’t read this… I am AMERICAN…I READ ENGLISH…THERE IS NO ENGLISH HERE… Why would you send me something that is totally in Spanish? Of course I probably won’t get an answer but it sure ticked me off. Oh, well, if this is all I have to worry about, I guess I have it pretty well…but it still is one of life’s aggravations.

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