Thursday, March 03, 2011

Once I thought I was blind.....

I once was blind and now I can see…
as time has gone by, it seems it is harder
to read and I wear glasses..

One of the places I like to read my paper,
is at the dining room table.. with my cup of
coffee. And it seems it is harder and harder
to read the fine print.

Even at the couch, which is my second place of
reading area. Mostly magazines and books.
Now I had my eyes checked last year and got
new glasses, so I should be in good shape.

And with this being the year of my renewal on my
driver’s license, it has me worried if I will pass the
reading test.

I was at a friend’s house and she gave me something
to read…. AND I COULD SEE… I could read it with
no problem at all. Now why could I read better there
than my own home? I mention this to her and she
asked me if I had read anything in my kitchen? No,
I told her. She said when you go home, read something
in your kitchen and if you can.. I will tell you why it is
so hard else where, with the exception of her house.

So I went home and got the paper and stepped into
the kitchen with the light on.. and lo and behold.. I could
read fine.. So I called and told her.. She said, yep, I thought
so. You have good light in your kitchen with the neonlight,
but your other ones are 60 or less watts, right?
I told her I think so, but why?

She went on to explain that with the save electric and etc.
We have been told that 60 watts will do just as good as
the 100 watts we have used in the past. That even the
lights fixtures that we replace ..recommends 60 watts.
But if we were to use 100 watts we could see. It is all a matter
of lighting. And that makes sense to me. She also told me that
I will feel better too, being I suffer from S.A.D. (lack of sunlight)

When we replaced our 1950 type light in the dining room
it came with those little tiny light bulbs. I think they are 25
Watts, just that there is 3 of them. Same with the lamp
that is next to the couch, 60 watts only.

I am going to check out new lamps, and if I have to..
I will go to a used store and find an old one.. this is the pits…
the worse of it all is I have heard they are going to get rid
of all the round bulbs and have only the corkscrew like circled
bulbs. Which I have found not to have it very bright either.

So once I felt like I was blind… and now I CAN SEE!!!

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