Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Some days are just like that....

Some days are just like that, and today is one of them

I was reading the paper, looking out at another gloomy day.
Thinking about how I didn't go to the Council meeting for
our little town last night. Weather was too crappy, and I
was warm and dry at home... nothing on the roster of interest..
so I stayed home... Just didn't seem like it was worth the

Same thing the night before, they were having a
meeting to explain the school levy. Nasty weather,
heck, Sandpoint voters will pass it anyway.. why bother?
I will go and vote, just didn't want to bother listening.

As I read the paper and thinking about my dishrag
attitude, and thinking about how my friend was leaving
soon on her trip. I turn on the computer so I could go
read her blog this morning. Left the computer and got
another cup of coffee... and then notice my friend had

I called back my friend so we could touch bases as she
is leaving tomorrow... I have said I would help out on
the home front while she is gone to Ireland.

After the phone call, talking about her trip and how
wonderful it is going to be... I return to the paper and
my second cup of coffee... and I felt so light and happy.
So thrilled for my friend.. I think it has elevated all who
know her and what a great time she will have...

So... safe trip, Marianne Love, will be looking forward to
the blog on your adventures... and looking at Annie's
as well. Just the thought of Ireland, GREEN... lol...
heck, who can't be thrilled and cheerful...

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